The microelectronics industry is currently undergoing revolutionary change

that has propelled a move towards 3D Heterogeneous Integration (3DHI), a complex new approach that stacks chip components in 3D space instead of on the traditional flat plane that has been in use since the 1980s. While this change promises faster, more efficient, and smaller chips across a variety of applications like 5G/6G, sensors, and medical technology, it presents new challenges in topics such as device packaging, thermal management, and power delivery that the industry is not currently equipped to address.

Our solution.

Microtype Technologies LLC has emerged to address the challenges of the microelectronics industry’s transition to 3DHI through a patented high-precision additive manufacturing process that creates intricate metal structures with micrometer-level precision. This technology aligns with the 3D nature of this evolution pioneered and funded by the U.S. Congress, Intel, DARPA and other industry vanguards, and in plays a crucial role in advancing the 3DHI revolution. Initially, Microtype will focus on supporting research and development efforts for these new 3D chips. The company intends to develop a 3D printer specifically tailored for researchers to design and fabricate the intricate 3D components vital for the advancement of these innovative technologies. Once refined, this technology can be licensed and integrated into the full manufacturing processes for these next-generation chips.