About Microtype Technologies

Microtype Technologies traces its origins to The University of Alabama’s IP Commercialization Academy in September 2022, following four years of rigorous R&D. Since its inception, the company has secured over $8,000 in non-dilutive funding from various business plan and pitch competitions and further honed its business strategies during the Crimson Entrepreneurship Program at The EDGE Incubator and Accelerator in Summer 2023.

Tuscaloosa, AL

Microtype Technologies had an unexpected beginning rooted in the renowned research environment of The University of Alabama.  This venture emerged from the unique fusion of cutting-edge research and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, positioning The University of Alabama as a catalyst for industry-changing advancements, such as Microtype Technologies.

Andrew Jones

Founder, CEO

Andrew is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from The University of Alabama, and is on track to complete his MBA in 2024. At Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, he introduced innovations that significantly boosted operational efficiency, including a pioneering full-stack application. Currently, Andrew is making strides as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Manderson Graduate School of Business.

Lukas Baltzer

Founder, CSO

Lukas is a Mechanical Engineer and MBA candidate at The University of Alabama. He recently served as a Satellite Systems Engineer at Viasat, supporting machine learning optimization and helping leading cross-functional site capacity projects. Earlier, with the Department of Defense, he revamped a document for Congressional funding aimed at exoskeleton R&D. Beyond work, Lukas has spent 5+ years outside the US, gaining skills for international markets.

Qiang Huang


Qiang started with a BS in Biomechanical Engineering from Zhejiang University, followed by a PhD in Chemical Engineering from LSU. His industry prowess is underscored by an 11-year tenure at IBM, leading pivotal projects including the commercialization of Cu electroplating for BEOL interconnects. During his time at the University of Alabama, Dr. Huang has been the recipient of multiple government grants, and pioneered the initial research for Microtype’s core patented technology. Dr. Huang formerly served as a researcher at Stanford University.