Seeking an Associate Equity Partner

Who are we?
Microtype Technology is a technology startup venture born from the University of Alabama’s IP Commercialization Academy. Currently, our team includes CEO Andrew Jones and CSO Lukas Baltzer; who both have backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering and are currently pursuing MBAs at the University of Alabama. Microtype’s NSF-backed technology, Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing, or ECAM, underwent R&D for 4 years and is multi-patented and prototyped. We believe this technology could be integral for Next-Gen microchip manufacturing by supporting 3D Heterogeneous Integration, the new face of microchip manufacturing production pushed by industry leaders. Over $300,000 has been poured into this company and technology prototype to date, illustrating the bright future and interest in this technology. With microchips being integral to all types of technology, ECAM could help usher in the next generation of technology. Microtype’s journey has led the founders to Seattle, Washington DC, Atlanta, and more to date. 

Job Description:
Microtype Technologies is in search of 1-2 new partners to join the company focused on either technology improvement or business strategy efforts*. We need a committed team member or members with an avid interest in both technology and entrepreneurship – bringing a fresh perspective to all fronts of our operation. On the business side, this person would help to continue guiding our company towards the expansion of our business, researching the positioning of our product, and increasing funding to expand our capabilities. On the technology research side, this person would prioritize efforts to improve the current proof of concept technology toward market readiness quickly, managing lab and external time. Both entries allow for gaining a C-suite title in the company. Across all fronts, we plan to continue seeking out opportunities, research grants, and events that will allow us to share our technology with broader audiences. If being a part of a technology startup with a huge growth potential is of interest to you, please apply!

*You can express interest in covering both categories if applicable.

Potential Duties:
Coordinating strategic plans for technological and business development 

  • Researching existing technologies
  • Participating in funding-related pitch efforts (including potential travel)
  • Researching funding/research grant opportunities
  • Coordinating the grant application process
  • Meeting with strategic business partners
  • This list is not exhaustive-as we are a small company, tasks will vary widely
  • Time commitment similar to an extra class or project, more required around pitch competitions, events, etc

Ideal Candidates:
-Technology Improvement 

  • STEM Major (ideally chemical engineering, electrical engineering, or chemistry major)
  • Planning on pursuing PhD or Master’s in a STEM field
  • Strong entrepreneurial & research interest

-Business Strategy

  • Sophomore or Junior currently enrolled at the University of Alabama
  • Ability to do Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy (CEA) in Tuscaloosa Summer 2024 (Paid ~$4k)
  • Enrolled in STEM path to MBA or some other graduate degree track
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial effort


What to apply with:
Please have your expected graduation date, available start date, expected contribution hours, and plans for post-grad ready in addition to your resume/CV. Please complete the application process at or email with questions. 

Note: Microtype cannot offer a salary at this time. However, this role would come with invaluable real-world experience, a C-suite title, and equity in the company, as well as potential future earnings through pitch competitions and other opportunities to make/win money.

The Team You'll be joining

Andrew Jones

Founder, CEO

Andrew is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from The University of Alabama, and is on track to complete his MBA in 2024. At Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, he introduced innovations that significantly boosted operational efficiency, including a pioneering full-stack application. Currently, Andrew is making strides as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Manderson Graduate School of Business.

Lukas Baltzer

Founder, CSO

Lukas is a Mechanical Engineer and MBA candidate at The University of Alabama. He recently served as a Satellite Systems Engineer at Viasat, supporting machine learning optimization and helping leading cross-functional site capacity projects. Earlier, with the Department of Defense, he revamped a document for Congressional funding aimed at exoskeleton R&D. Beyond work, Lukas has spent 5+ years outside the US, gaining skills for international markets.

Qiang Huang


Qiang started with a BS in Biomechanical Engineering from Zhejiang University, followed by a PhD in Chemical Engineering from LSU. His industry prowess is underscored by an 11-year tenure at IBM, leading pivotal projects including the commercialization of Cu electroplating for BEOL interconnects. During his time at the University of Alabama, Dr. Huang has been the recipient of multiple government grants, and pioneered the initial research for Microtype’s core patented technology. Dr. Huang formerly served as a researcher at Stanford University.